Tech ID Title
25237 Signal Statistics Compression-Based Quantization Method in an ADC
25088 Microvascular Exchangers for Heat and Mass Transfer
25238 Simulation of Anchoring Bias in a Spatial Estimation Task
25236 Anatomy Shading Clothing
25235 Potential Driven Electrochemical Modification of Tissue
25234 Tubular Scaffold for Fabrication of Heart Valves
25232 Apparatus for Growing a Heart Valve in 3D
25231 Preservation of the Neuromuscular Junction (NMJ) After Traumatic Nerve Injury.
25230 Markers to Identify Primary Cells from Tumor Biopsies
25229 Microfluidic System for Particle Trapping and Separation
25228 Multiplex Digital PCR
25227 A Self-Regenerative Hybrid Tissue Structure For 3D Fabrication of Heart Valves, Blood Vessels and Other Constructs
25226 Infant Movement Diagnostics (IMD)
25224 Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Cardiac Flows Based on Multi-Planar Velocity / Multi-Plane Method for Three-Dimensional Particle Image Velocimetry
25223 Immunomodulary Materials for Implantable Medical Devices
25222 Cell Identification Strategy Using Functionalized Micropallet Arrays
25195 Monoclonal Antibody Against CEP164 (Clone 13)
25194 Monoclonal Antibody Against CEP164 (Clone 17)
25221 Beta-Amyloid Plaque Imaging Agents
25220 Lateral Cavity Acoustic Transducer Based Microfluidic Switch
25191 Monoclonal Antibodies Against Chk2 (Clone 4B8)
25122 Monoclonal Antibody Against mtPAP (Clone 3D2)
25219 Real-Time, Label-Free Detection of Nucleic Acid Amplification in Droplets Using Impedance Spectroscopy and using Solid-Phase Substrates
25218 Dielectrophoresis-Based Cell Destruction to Eliminate/Remove Unwanted Subpopulations of Cells
25217 Multilayer High Density Microwells
25215 Direct Drive Micro Hearing Device
25214 Design and Synthesis of Fluoroalkylpyridyl Ethers as Potential Pet Radioligands for A4B2 Nicotinic Acetylcholine / Labeled A4B2 Ligands and Methods Therefor
25212 New Indication for Use of Niacin (Nicotinic Acid) for Treatment, Prevention and Reversal of Fatty Liver Disease
25211 Interleaved Training and Limited Feedback for Multiple-Antenna Systems
25209 Integrative Approach for the Analysis and Visualization of Static or Dynamic Omic Data, Including Genomic, Proteomic, Gene Expression, and Metabolic Data
25208 Augmentated Reality Using Projector-Camera Enabled Devices
25207 Automatically Registering Multiple Projectors on a Dome or Partial Dome
25204 Tubular scaffold for fabrication of heart valves
25203 Microfluidic System for Particle Trapping and Separation
25196 Monoclonal Antibody against ATR-IP (Clone 11)
25190 Monoclonal Antibodies Against Mtpap (Clone 1D3)
25147 Methods of Monitoring and Manipulating the Fate of Transplanted Cells
25146 Novel compounds for the treatment of fungal infections
25141 Improvements of cognitive function in age-related disorders and Alzheimer's disease
25121 Monoclonal Antibody Against PNPase (Clone 3H5)
25119 An integrated intraoperative diagnosis and therapy catheter system
25118 On Demand Vesicle Formation From Vesicle Precursors
25113 Gluten Digesting Bacterial Strains
24843 Semi-Active Magnetorheological Seismic Isolators
24818 Integrated Ultrasound And Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Endoscope For Image Guided Cancer Biopsy
25092 Methods for Fabrication of Electric Propulsion Tips
25028 Lever Mechanisms for Anti-phase Mode Isolation in MEMS Tuning-fork Structures
25029 A Projector With Enhanced Resolution Via Optical Pixel Sharing
25037 Process for the Fabrication of Nanostrucured Arrays on Flexible Polymer Films
25036 Composition Structure with Tessllated Layers
25035 Video Frame Synchronization for A Federation of Projector Using Camera Feedback
25034 Communication Between Multiple Personal Devices Via a Display Wall With Distal Sensing Capabilities
25033 Microfabrication of High Quality 3-D Structures Using Wafer-Level Glassblowing of Fused Quartz and Ultra Low Expansion Glasses
25032 Distributed Scalable Interaction Paradigm for Multi-User Interaction Across Tiled Multi-Displays
25031 UltraSPI: A Serial Bus Interface to Enable High-Performance and Energy-Efficient Data Logging
25030 Efficient Supercapacitator Charging Technique by a Hysteretic Charging Scheme
25027 Carbon Sequestration Using a Magnetic Treatment System
24885 Imaging Method for Improved Placement of MIGS
24869 Thermal Devices for Controlling Heat Transfer
24860 Novel Quantum Dot Field-Effect Transistors Free of the Bias-Stress Effect
24859 Semi-Active Magnetorheological Seismic Isolators
24848 Coating Or Polish Removable By An Aqueous Solution Of Cysteine
24850 A Neuromorphic Robot that Interacts with People Through Tactile Sensing and Bi-directional Learning
24852 Crystal Laser Wakefield Accelerator and Its Applications
24851 Referenceless Clock Recovery Circuit with Wide Frequency Acquisition Range
24849 Global Integrated Drought Monitoring And Prediction System (GIDMaPS)
24847 Cacophony: A Framework for Next Generation Software Sensors
24845 Automated 3D Reconstruction of the Cardiac Chambers From MRI of Ultrasound
24844 Silicon On Sapphire Based Plasmonic And Metasuraface Design For Optical Light Manipulation
24817 4D Volumetric Echo Particle Image Velocimetry Reconstruction of Cardiac Flows
24805 Cost-Efficient Repair For Cloud Storage Systems Using Progressive Engagement
24797 Device for Conformal Coating of 3D Devices with Biological Materials
24752 CYP3A4 Epoxygenase Inhibitors for ER+ Breast Cancer Treatment
24751 Dendritic Peptide Bolaamphiphiles for siRNA Delivery
24745 Anti-Sense Therapeutic for VCP Diseases and Familial ALS
24730 Molecular vibrational resonance
24704 Small Molecules as chemotherapeutics agents for cancer treatment by restoring p53 function.
24662 Tunable, Elastic Microchannel with an Ultra-High Aspect Ratio
24660 Alpha 7 nicotinic allosteric modulators and their derivatives
24659 Imprinted Polymer Nanoparticles
24614 Iron Pyrite Oxygen Alloy for Improved Photovoltaic Efficiencies and Increased Photovoltages
24606 Near Infrared (NIR) Imaging System and Method For Detection of Maxillary Sinus Infections
24605 Hearing device that amplifies sound using a tympanostomy tube
24604 Pneumatic Digital Computer
24603 A Novel Approach To Asthma Inhaler Compliance Using Breath Measurement Of Tetrafluoroethane
24602 Device for the Efficient Capture and Detection of Analytes
24601 Method And Apparatus For Imaging The Upper Airway During Sleep And Wakefulness
24600 Detection Of Cardiac Toxicity Using Machine Learning Algorithms
24596 Method And Device For Skin Rejuvenation
24595 Method And Device For Dentistry
24558 Nursing Home Decision App (NHCPlus)
24553 Multifunctional Wax Valve and Thermo-Pneumatic Pump for Centrifugal Microfluidic Devices
24552 Active topical skin protectants using hybrid organic polysilsesquioxane materials
24495 Self-Interference Cancellation In Full-Duplex System
24432 Automated CD Microfluidic Device for Cell Culture
20651 In Vivo RFID Chip
24412 Novel Chitosan Derivative as a Systemic Drug Delivery Agent and an Antibiotic Treatment
24395 A potential biomarker for Autism Spectrum Disorders
24390 Hec 1 Inhibitor For Cancer Treatment
24370 Novel Highly Functionalized Organoborons and Methods of Making
24346 Fractal RF Coils for Use in High Field MRI (>3T) Resulting in High Resolution Images
24268 Immunogenic Peptides as Vaccines against Herpes Simplex Virus
24267 Microfluidic Device to Monitor Chronic Kidney Disease by Measuring Specific Gravity
24265 Monoclonal Antibodies Against Amyloid Beta Peptides
24262 Novel Inhibitors Of Endocannabinoid Inactivation for Treatment of Pain, Anxiety and Depression
24224 Implantable Wireless Oxygen Biosensor
24076 In-Plane Ultrasound Needle Guide
24075 Post-Processing Software and Algorithm for 4D Flow MRI
24074 Self-Regulating CD Microfluidic System
24060 Novel Acid Ceramidase Inhibitors for Oncology and Hyperproliferative Skin Disorders
24058 Dendronized Polymer Vectors For siRNA Delivery
24057 New Method For Polymerization
24055 Shrink-Induced, Self-Driven Microfluidic Devices
24054 Superhydrophobic Induced High Numerical Plastic Lenses
24043 Microfluidic Tumor Tissue Dissociation Device
24030 Phage Wrapping to Enhance Sensitivity of Novel Phage Nanowire Biosensors
23974 Sampling Cartridge for Gas-Phase Ammonia and Amines
23973 Transcatheter Stent Detachment System for Stent or Heart Valve Delivery and Deployment
23971 Method And Approach To Optimize And Plan Rhinoplasty Surgery
23966 Bactericidal Surface Patterns
23908 Plant extracts as anti-cancer agents
23744 Treatment of Methamphetamine Toxicity
23732 18F-Fluorodeoxyglycosylamines PET Imaging Agents
23714 Small Molecules for Analgesia and Anti-Nausea
23713 Immunomodulary Materials For Implantable Medical Devices
23709 Potential Novel Anti-Viral Target For Chemotherapeutics Against Picornaviruses, Such As Human Rhinovirus An Entervirus 71
23634 An Orthogonal Replication System For Targeted Continuous Evolution In Vivo
23632 Quantitative 3D-Endoscopy Using Stereo CMos-Camera Pairs
23613 A Device For Mixing Bone Cement By Shaking
23612 Micro implantable neural interface with electrophysiological and fluid delivery capability
23594 Small molecule inhibitors of the Hv1 channel as chemotherapeutics and anti-inflammatory agents
23586 Bileaflet Bioprosthetic Mitral Valve
23536 Construction Of A New Murine Model To Study The Contribution Of Complement And Complement-Mediated Inflammation In Human Diseases
23535 Sphingolipid Drugs Triggering Nutrient Transporter Down-Regulation
23533 Microfabricated Surfaces For The Physical Capture Of Bed Bugs And Other Insects
23532 Synthesis And Size Control Or Organic-Silica Hybrid Micro And Nanoparticles
23528 Self-Healing Polymer Via Olefin Metathesis
23527 Heterodimer of Toll-Like Receptor Agonists for Cancer Immunotherapy
23474 Percutaneous Mitral Valve Delivery System
23469 Lhx2 Conditional Knockout Mouse ("Lhx2 Cko")
23318 Preservation of the neuromuscular junction (NMJ) after traumatic nerve injury
23420 Markers To Identify Primary Cells From Tumor Biopsies
23419 Cell Identification Strategy Using Functionalized Micropallet Arrays
23413 Protein Refolding Device for the Industrial Production of Biologics
23382 4D Echo Particle Image Velocimetry Reconstruction of Cardiac Flows
23373 A Midfacial Seal Drape To Reduce Oculofacial Surgical Field Fire Risk
23328 Simplified System to Accurately Measure a Patient's EEG Response to a Cochlear Implant
23325 Assay to Measure Huntington's Disease Progression and Response to Treatment
23320 New imaging agents for AB-amyloid plaques and tangles
23319 Hydrogels for islet encapsulation and implantation
23316 Dielectrophoresis and Electrodeposition Process for Selective Particle Entrapment
23280 System And Method For Capturing Vital Vascular Fingerprint
23156 Gastric Restrictive Device for Treatment of Morbid Obesity
23154 A self-regenerative hybrid tissue structure for 3D fabrication of heart valves, blood vessels and other constructs
23141 Device to Grow and Form a Hybrid Heart Valve
23125 Method and Device for Measuring the Mechanical Properties of Biological Interfaces Using Non-Contact Microrheology
23120 Cognitive Power Management For Memory-Dominated Wireless Communication Systems
23118 Personal Energy Footprint Management System
23115 Micro-electromagnetically Actuated Latched Switches
23082 Microfluidic Peristaltic Pump with Integrated Pneumatic Digital Logic Controller
23045 Inclined Single Plane Imaging Microscope Box (iSPIM Box)
23008 A Method For Calculating The Strength Of The Proximal Femur Under Loading From Impact Due To A Fall
22875 Energy Efficient Application System
22874 Fabrication Of Carbon Mems / Carbon Nanotubes Integrated Electrodes
23006 Second Harmonic Optical Coherence Tomography
23002 High Resolution Optical Coherence Tomography Over A Greater Depth Range Using An Axicon Lens
23001 Privacy Preserving Genomic Mobile Device Computational Infrastructure
22999 Nanofluidic Device For Single Mitochondria Analysis
22973 Thrombus Inhibitor
22930 High-Throughput Assays Using Laser to Induce Mechanotransduction in 3D and 2D Cell cultures
22903 Implantation Device to House Insulin Secreting Cells as a Treatment for Diabetes
22873 Method for Authentication of Alcoholic Beverages
22811 Coulter Counting and Particle Shape Sensing with a Single Pore Membrane
22702 Multi-Axis Chip-Scale Mems Inertial Measurement Unit (Imu) System Based On Frequency Modulation
22701 Self-Calibrating Micro-Fabricated Resonant Load Cells
22591 Real-time, label-free detection of nucleic acid amplification in droplets
22581 Method And System For Ultra-High Dynamic Range Nucleic Acid Quantification
22545 Chip-Based Droplet Sorting
22544 Lateral Cavity Acoustic Transducer As An On-Chip Cell/Particle Switch
22543 Cell Destruction Method to Eliminate/Remove Unwanted Subpopulations of Cells
22542 Adaptive Biological And Chemical Digital Assays In Microfluidic Droplets
22541 New Treatment for the Prevention and Reversal of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)
22537 Fluid Management Device
22229 Treatment to protect and / or recover sexual function of the cavernosal nerve (sexual potency) after radical prostatectomy
22209 Self Contained Sterile Surgical Environment
22530 Temperature Modulated Fluorescence Tomography
22529 Hydrogen Gas Sensor
22528 Methods for Fabricating Metal Nanowires
22407 Novel Imaging Technique Combines Optical and MR Imaging Systems To Obtain High Resolution Optical Images
22374 Resonating Arm Exerciser (RAE)
22352 Stable Human Embryonic Kidney 293 Cells Expressing Rpn11-Htbh
22344 Use Of Micro-Structured Plate For Controlling Capacitance Of Mechanical Capacitor Switches
22343 Nanoelectronic Circuits For Mechanistic Protein Studies And Drug Discovery
22234 Magnetically Actuated Micro-Electro-Mechanical Capacitor Switches In Laminate
22233 Rapid Inexpensive Fluoroimmunoassay Diagnostic Chip Fabricated from Polyolefin Coated with a Thin Film
22178 Chronic Sequential Sensorimotor Neural Probe Array
22173 A Rapid Method To Measure Cyanide In Biological Samples In The Field
22172 Double-Bladed Costal Cartilage Cutter
22171 Nanometer-Scale Optical Imaging By The Modulation Tracking (Mt) Method
22160 Combined Oct/Ultrasound Probe And System For Intracardiac Imaging Integrated With Electrophysiology Catheter
22031 Quiet Bleed Valve For Gas Turbine Engine
22022 Cost-Effective Micro-Inverter For Solar Power Generation
22021 HCLR: A Hybrid Cross-Layer Routing Protocol For MANETs
22009 Floating-Non Contact Wireless Voltage Sensor For High-Voltage Transmission Lines
22008 Iron Pyrite Thin Films From Molecular Inks
22007 Method To Synthesize Colloidal Iron Pyrite Nanocrystals And Fabricate Thin Film Solar Cells Of Same
22005 Method And Appartus To Utilize Network Coding In A Wireless Network
22003 New Bootstrap Gate Drivers For Multilevel Converters
21998 Low-Cost High-Gain Planar Antenna Using A Metallic Mesh Cap For Millimeter-Wave Frequency Applications
21973 A Closed Loop Cochlear Implant System Which Monitors Auditory Evoked Potentials From The Peripheral And Central Auditory Pathway And Uses-
21901 If Polar Receiver Architecture
21899 Frequency Addressible Microactuator
21869 Nonlinear Optical Photodynamic Therapy of the Cornea for Corneal Disorders, Cancer and Infection
19585 Micromachined Tuning Fork Gyroscopes With Ultra-High Sensitivity And Shock Rejection
21811 Phasor Approach to Fluorescence Microscopy Evaluates Cell Metabolism in vivo
21810 Fiber-based Probe Enables High Resolution CARS Imaging of Biological Tissues in vivo
21763 Device for Strain Modulation of Local Micromechanics in an Extracellular Matrix
21714 Multiplex Digital PCR
21709 Hydrocarbon Formation By Nitrogenase
21673 High Range Digital Angular Rate Sensor Based On Frequency Modulations
21662 Infant movement diagnostics (IMD)/ System for evaluating infant movement using gesture recognition
21652 An Endoscopic Long Range Fourier Domain Optical Coherence Tomography (Lr-Fd-Oct)
21648 New Light Emission Detection Method Enables High Resolution Optical Imaging of Biological Tissue.
21633 New Microwell Plate Configurations to Increase Microwell Density
21589 CMOS Linear Differential Distributed Amplifier and Distributed Active Balun
21459 Low-Voltage Near-Field Electrospinning Enables Controlled Continuous Patterning of Nanofibers on 2D and 3D Substrates
21414 Methods and Devices Using Adjunctive Cooling to Minimize Inflammation and Tissue Damage During Prostatectomy
21455 Web-Enabled Devices
21454 Magnetic Recovery Method Of Magnetically Responsive High-Aspect Ratio Photoresist Microstructures
21453 Generation Of Choroid Plexus Epithelial Cells From Human Embryonic Stem Cells
21452 Polymer Based High Surface Area Multi-Layered Three-Dimensional Structures
21450 A Bioreactor To Quantify Headspace of Volatile Organic Gases From Cells In Culture
21349 Microfluidic Device for Cell Separation Using Dielectrophoresis and/or Magnetohydrodynamics
21364 Transaction Verification On Rfid-Enabled Payment And Transaction Instruments
21328 Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) Systems for Multi-Packet Reception (MPR)
21327 New Collision-Induced Dissociation Cross Linker and Related Software Package for Fast and Accurate Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Proteins
21322 Methods and Implementations for Storing Sparse Vectors
21320 Method and Device for Painless Injections
21305 Limited Field of View Image Reconstruction Technique for Improved Resolution in Medical Multi-Modal Imaging
21299 Automated Microfluidic Device for Multiplex Protein Array Analysis
21294 Large-Volume Centrifugal Microfluidic Device for Blood Plasma Separation
21274 Colloidal Self-Assembly of Droplets for High Density Microfluidic Micro-Reactor Arrays with High Throughput Functionality
21272 Microfluidic Device Using Dielectrophoresis Separation of Heterogeneous Cell Populations
21236 Device for High Efficiency Cell Encapsulation Using Novel On-Demand Droplet Generation and Impedance-Based Detection
21232 Laplace Pressure Trap for Microfluidic Droplet Formation from Asynchronous Sources and Different Inlets
21222 Components for Improved Loading of Cells into Microfluidic Devices
21210 High-Speed CMOS Ring Voltage Controlled Oscillator With Low Supply Sensitivity
21209 HDRL: Homogeneous Dual-Rail Logic For DPA Attack Resistive Secure Circuit Design
21172 A Multi-Modality Prostate Imaging System (Pmrspect)
20777 Dual Modality MR Compatible Compression Based Nuclear Imaging System For Breast Cancer
21089 Overman Small Molecule Library
21085 Optical Determination Of Dry Mouth
21082 Plasmid Expressing Recombinant RILP-GST Protein
21078 Microfluidic Platforms For Malaria Detection
20988 Microfluidic Device for Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Measurement
20920 Application Of Fuel Cells In Gas Turbine Power Plants
20918 Knowledge Representation And Orgnization For Personal Ontology
20916 Noise Reduction Device for CO2 DCD
20915 Recycle Gas Cooled Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (Rgc-Soft).
20910 Hybrid Extraction Process For Separation Of Americium From Trivalent Lantanides
20898 E-Roc: Embedded Raids-On-Chip
20900 GARM: Cross Application Data Provenance and Policy Enforcement
20896 Unusual Human Event Detection Algorithm
20895 Ultrahigh Sensitivity Quartz Crystal Microbalance
20867 Interference Cancellation And Detection Using Precoders
20866 A Cmos Integrated Broadband Absorptive Microwave Multiplier
20865 Blood Flow Manipulation Using Magnetically-Activated Nanoparticles And Magnetic Field
20863 Ultrasensitive Surface Plasmon Biosensing
20862 Prism: Privacy Sensitive Messaging
20860 Orthogonal Space-Time Block Codes: Reduced Complexity Maximum Likelihood Detection
20858 Conceptual Design Of A Solid Oxide Fuel Cell-Gas Turbine Hybrid Power System For Motive Power In Freight Locomotives
20767 A Double-Dose Ebeam Lithograpy Process
20727 Electrostatic Silicon Thin Film Bulk Acoustic Wave Resonator
20848 Annotation Based Multimedia Streaming and Trade-off Analysis
20847 FLAG Tagged Wild-Type and Mutant FGFR3 Expression Plasmids
20821 Processor For Decimal Division Based On The Digit-Recurrence Algorithm
20813 Software And Hardware Methods For Multi-Variant Parallel Program Execution To Detect, Quarantine And Repair Malicious Code Injection
20817 Algorithm For Efficient Processing Of Multi-Dimensional Data
20796 3-D Folded MEMS Technology For Multi-Axis Sensor Systems
19982 Beams Of Nanodroplets For High Sputtering Rate Of Inert Materials
20784 Method And Device To Produce Wider Cryogen Spray For Dynamic Skin Cooling
20785 Edgecasting; Multicasting At The Edge
20786 Novel Optical Properties of a Hybrid Xerogel
20792 Gene Knockout And Replacement In Stem Cells
20789 A Method For Electrochemical Deposition And Modification
20788 Packet Dependency Solution
20771 Space-Constrained Gram-Based Indexing for Efficient Approximate String Search
20769 Clock Boosting Mechanism For Wormhole Router
20728 Vertical Nanowire Field-Transistors For Integrated Nanoelectronics
20721 Wireless Network-On-Chip (Wnoc) Technology
20724 Distributed Cryptographic System
20722 Three-Dimensional Wafer-Scale Batch-Micromachined Angle/Angular Rate Microshell Resonator Gyroscope
20717 MEMS Sensor Enabled RFID System And Method
19282 Rapid Easy Computationally Optimized DNA Self-Asembly: A Method for Producing a Synthetic Gene or Other Long Optimized DNA Sequences
20716 Quantitative Analysis of Breast Density Morphology Based on MRI
20707 Multiple Projector Geometric and Color Calibration with Color Management Solutions
20696 A Method To Measure The Activation State Of Signaling Pathways In Cells
20688 Three-Dimensional Breast Anatomy Imaging System
20672 RFID Reader Revocation Checking Using Low Power Attached Displays
20652 Filtering Sources Of Unwanted Traffic
20647 A Random Number Generator Based On The Spontaneous Alpha-Decay
20645 Search Engine For Second Life®
20642 Diamonoid Stabilized Fine-Grained Metals
19723 Quantitative Assessment Of Individual Cancer Susceptibility By Measuring DNA Damage-Induced mRNA In Whole Blood
19696 Polydimethylsiloxane Shelled Microbubbles for Biological Imaging, Drug Delivery, and Biodetection
19667 Dual-Layer Microbubble Lipospheres Generated by a Microfluidic System
19586 Patterned, Dense, and High-Quality Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Arrays
19582 Micromachined Gyroscope Design Allowing for Both Robust Wide-Bandwidth and Precision Mode-Matched Operation
19588 Fast Sensitive Hydrogen Gas Detection Using Single Palladium Nanowires
19580 Multimodal Hybrid Particles For Biological Detection And Drug Delivery Vehicle
19574 Temperature-Robust MEMS Gyroscope with 2-DOF Sense-Mode Addressing the Tradeoff Between Bandwidth and Gain
19573 Two Single-phase Controllers to Realize a Three-phase Power Factor Corrected Rectifier
19408 Direct Drive Micro Hearing Device
19388 A Novel METHOD FOR AMORPHOUS Metal Micromolding Using Carbon MEMS
19390 Ultrathin Nanoporous Silicon Nitride Membranes for Separations and Biotechnology
19367 Chromophore Concentrations, Absorption and Scattering Properties of Human Skin In-vivo
19364 Diabetes Imaging Agent
18818 Environmentally-Sensitive Reconfigurable Antenna
18798 Novel Successive Beamforming Schemes for Multiple Antenna Systems
18853 Fuel Cell System for Aircraft Propulsion
18776 Microfluidic Device for Forming Monodisperse Lipoplexes
18788 Six-Bar Rear Bicycle Suspension
18796 Universal Gain Cells for Broadband Amplifiers
18733 Concurrent Mode Antenna System
18862 Photonic Slab with Axially Frozen Mode
18839 Cell Encapsulation on a Microfluidic Platform
18813 Broadband Power Amplifier With a Novel Tunable Output Matching Network
18736 Photonic Devices Having Degenerate or Split Spectral Band Edges
18793 Wafer-Level Micro-Glass Blowing
18768 Dynamic Skin Cooling with Non-Toxic Cryogen with Minimal Global Warming Potential
18828 Methods for Making 2D Nanoscale PN Junctions and Junction Arrays
18797 Successive Transmit Beamforming Algorithms for Multiple-Antenna OFDM Systems
18800 Advanced Materials Processing
18809 Microfluidic Production of Monodispersed Submicron EmulsionsThrough Filtration and Sorting of Satellite Drops
18832 Humid Air Turbine - Combined Cycle Hybrid
18963 A Diffusive Probe For Quantification Of Optical Properties Of Superficial Layers
18825 Fabrication of Suspended Carbon Micro and Nano-scale Structures
18746 Methods of Manufacturing Microdevices in Laminates, Lead Frames, Packages, and Printed Circuit Boards
18740 Universal Color Index
18880 Nanowires as Fast Chemical Sensors
18753 A Capacitive Detection Scheme with Inherent Self-calibration for Resonant MEMS
18821 Applications of Photonic Crystals with Degenerate Spectral Band Edge
18755 Smart Colloidal Dampers with Controllable Damping Curves Using Magnetic Field
18758 Micromachined Passive Programmable Drug Delivery Systems
18710 Device and Method for Controlled Ablation of Microscopic Objects
18779 Methodology of Elasto-Mammography
18767 Beta-Amyloid and Neurofibriallary Tangle Imaging Agents
18826 Method to Characterize Exhaled Nitric Oxide from the Airways Using a Sequence of Breathhold Maneuvers
18794 Generation of Stable Concentration Gradients in 2D and 3D Environments Using a Microfluidic Ladder Chamber
18817 Methods and Compostions for the Treatment of Immune Disorders and Regulation of Cytokine and Growth Factor Signaling
18931 Method Of Eliminating Mach Waves From Supersonic Jets
18731 Compact Atomic Magnetometer and Gyroscope
18926 A General Constant Frequency Pulse-Width Modulator And Its Applications
18903 Her2/neu Vaccine Protects Against Tumor Growth
18757 Prokineticin 2 and Prokineticin Receptor 2 as a Target to Treat Epilepsy and Seizures
18780 Anti-Progesterone in Breast Cancer Chemoprevention
18900 Smart Probe With Station For Real Time, Non-Invasive Metrology of Microfluidic Chips
18883 RF MEMS Technology for Fabricating RF MEMS Switches
18814 Fiber optic bundle based optical coherence tomography
18754 A Multi-Band, Inductor Re-Use Low Noise Amplifier
18869 R6G9 Treatment Improves Viral-Induced Neurological Disease
18846 Composite Transistors for Compensation of HBT Self-heating Effect and Enhancement of HBT Linearity
18895 Robotic Hip Swinger
18769 Restoring Cough Using Microstimulators
18875 New Clinical Bymixer for Fast-Response, Adjustable Measurement of Mixed Expired Gas Fractions in the Anesthesia Circle Circuit
18906 ADP Glucose Receptor as a Target for Disorders Involving Platelet Aggregation
18840 Post-Release Capacitance Enhancement in Micromachined Devices
18789 Novel Distributed Direct Conversion Receiver for UWB Systems
18852 Microfluidic Flow Transducer Based on the Measurement of Electrical Admittance
18923 Diagnostic Marker And Novel Therapeutic Target For Neurodegenerative Disorders
18860 Design and Synthesis of PET Radioligands for alpha 4 beta 2 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors
18766 Lithographically Patterned Nanowire Electrodeposition
18863 New Protein Resistant and Biodegradable Biopolymer
18889 Fabrication Method for Polymer Thin Films
18820 High Density Micromachined Electrode Arrays Usable for Auditory Nerve Implants and Related Methods
18929 Humidity And Temperature Sensor Device For The Determination Of Oxygen Consumption In Medical Applications
18714 Magnetic Resonance Compatible Electric Motor
18812 SENSE-optimized MRI RF Coil Design with Target Field Method
18916 A New Process Of Adding Alkyl Groups To Organic Substrates Using TmI2(MeOCH2CH2OMe)3
18859 Broadband Distributed-Mass Micromachined Gyroscope
18919 Use Of Perillyl Alcohol In Organ Transplantation
18836 New Polymeric Biomaterials
18790 Distributed RF Front-End for UWB Receivers
18833 A New Tandem-Affinity Tag for Two-Step Protein Purification under Fully Denaturing Conditions
18704 New Chemical Entities for the Treatment and Prevention of Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders
18747 Novel Inhibitors of N-Acylethanolamine-Hydrolyzing Acid Amidase (NAAA)
18879 A Polymeric Micro-Cantilever Resonator Array and Its Implications in Auditory Prostheses
18759 Multi-Projector Displays Using Plug and Play Projectors
18771 Novel Stabilization Scheme for Obtaining Single Longitudinal Mode (SLM) Radiation from a Pulsed Nd:Yag laser
18848 A Broadband Amplifier with Huge Gain-bandwidth Product and Low Power Consumption
18857 Neuropeptide S (NPS) as a Treatment for Anxiety, Sleep Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Asthma
18914 Single-Phase Single-Stage Isolated Power Supply With Power Factor Correction And Regenerative Clamping
18850 A Microfluidic Dynamic Vapor Control System
18925 Mixing Enhancement Using Propulsive Means
18785 Trace-Driven, Just-In-Time Compilation with a New Application of Static Single Assignment Form
18917 Use Of Infectious And Pathogenic Clone Of A Lung Cancer-Inducing Retrovirus For Generation Of Therapeutic Reagents And Diagnostic Tests
18871 Multi Stage Control Architecture for Error Suppression in Micromachined Gyroscopes
18831 Microscope Immersion Fluid Applicator
18791 A Method and Apparatus to Inactivate Stem Cell Nuclei
18854 Optimal Spatial Sub-channel Resources Allocation Mechanism for Sustainable Bit Rate Wireless Conduits
18891 Triple Transgenic Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease
18765 A New Mouse Model of Sjogren's Syndrome
18864 High-Isolation Tunable MEMS Capacitive Switch
18841 Torsional Z-axis Surface-Micromachined Gyroscope
18927 Enhancement Of Host Defense Via Receptor(s) For C1q
18884 Depth Profiling of the Skin Structure In Vivo
18707 New Anti-Microbial and Anti-Biofilm Silicone Formulation
18822 Efficient Transaction Based Modeling with Cycle Count Accurate at Transaction Boundary (CCATB) Models
18922 Modulation Of Cell Growth And Growth Factor Signaling Through Removal Of Glypicans
18830 New Multiphase LLC Resonant Voltage Regulators for Next Generation Microprocessors
18904 Wnt, Fz, and BMP-6 Receptors for the Treatment and Detection of Colon Cancer
18881 Selective Inhibition of Enzyme Isoforms of Nitric Oxide Synthetase
18924 Prevention Of Ice Formation On Tissue Surfaces Caused By Cooling During Laser Surgery
18898 Miniature Liquid-Fueled Combustion Chamber
18781 Wafer Scale Glass Blowing
18870 Microfluidic Devices for Controlled Viscous Shearing and Formation of Amphiphilic Vesicles
18732 Compound to Aid in Smoking Cessation
18890 A Laser System for the Generation of Pulses with Duration in the Pico-second Range and a Narrow Bandwidth
18698 Biomarker-Guided Prediction of Patient Adherence to Medications
18815 A New PET Radiotracer for Serotonin 5HT1A Receptors
18861 Method for Quantitative Digital Color Imaging of Objects
18784 High-Velocity, Ion-Driven Wind Generator
18938 Data Compression Of Time-Varying Images
18887 Ion Optical Element for Use in Controlling Charged Particle Beams
18838 Fluoro-Free Guidewire for Improved Colonscope
18858 Melanin Concentrating Hormone Receptor Small Molecule Antagonists for the Treatment of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders
18910 High Speed Fabrication of Highly Uniform Metallic Spheres
18804 Single-Mask Fabrication Process for Linear and Angular Piezoresistive Accelerometers
18921 Treatment For Circadian Performance Deficits By Upmodulation Of Central Glutamate Receptors
10101 Prevention Of Ice Formation On Tissue Surfaces Caused By Cooling During Laser Surgery
10071 Phototherapeutic Inactivation Of Ocular Viruses
10055 A Novel Method For Eliminating Mach Waves In Supersonic Jets