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23967 Bonding of Heterogeneous Material for Improved Yield and Performance of Photonic Integrated Circuits Show Detail Description
23424 Novel Low Phase Noise Optoelectronic Oscillators Show Detail Description
23075 Enhancement Of Thermoelectric Properties Through Polarization Engineering Show Detail Description
23013 Integrated Bidirectional Optical Amplifier (BOA) for Optical Interconnects Show Detail Description
22906 Integration Of Ultra-Low Loss And Active Silicon Waveguide Layers Show Detail Description
22066 Method for Making a Metal Layer Semiconductor Laser Show Detail Description
21295 Hybrid Silicon Integrated Optical Isolator and Circulator Show Detail Description
18965 Loss Modulated Silicon Evanescent Lasers Show Detail Description
10108 Fused Vertical Couplers Show Detail Description
10078 Semiconductor Hetero-Interface Photodetector Show Detail Description
10068 Technique For Creating Buried Blocking Layers For Vertical-Cavity Lasers And Other Devices Show Detail Description
Page  # Results: 11 Records Per Page 

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